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“We are pioneers in manufacturing fall protection equipment in India. We have been manufacturing various height-related safety equipment for the last 40 years of various specialized applications. We had made our first Vertical Fall Arrest System way back in 1979 for Dept. Of Atomic Energy and our first retractable fall arrest block in 1985.”

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We at Indian Inovatix Ltd. have always been a research & development oriented company. Bringing about innovative solutions to applications where standard products cannot be used has always been one of our many strengths. This attitude was further proved when few of our products were granted patents.

This ingenuineity has also helped us have wide range of products for various applications in a very specialised niche of fall protection. We have now further diversified into design & manufacturing of innovative specialsied AMUSEMENT AND ADVENTURE RIDES.

Fall Protection Systems
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Confined Space Equipment : Tripod
Retro-guard : Retractable Fall Arrest Block
Fire Escape Device
Confined Space Equipment : Modular Davit
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