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May 26, 2022

What is a Fall Protection System?

Fall protection system is a system that has been set up by the employer, used to provide protection to the users while working at height. It includes different components which are used for safety while an employee is doing his job.

Some of the examples of fall protection systems are:

It gives the user much needed confidence and comfort needed to focus on the task at hand while helping to work safely on the site.

Components of Fall Protection System:

The commonly known and used components, also known as ABCDs of fall protection are:


It is the connecting point of the attachment which provides support to the load and provides fall protection. It depends on the location of installation and industry to decide which type of anchor to use.

Body Support

It includes harness that goes onto the body, providing safety. In case of the load is distributed evenly throughout the entire body. It also includes a connecting point often referred to as the dorsal D – Ring attached to the connecting device.

Connecting Devices

The main function of using a connecting device is to connect body support through the anchor. There are different types of these connecting devices, like self retracting lifelines, lanyards, lifelines, and the like.

Descent / Rescue

Just having a fall protection system is not enough. In case of a fall, it becomes critical to rescue the person in time to avoid internal injuries and to provide treatment for other accidental injuries. It is an important part of the process, and the employees should have the tools and training needed to rescue a worker in case of a fall.

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