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Inovatix at a Glance

INOVATIX, the brand signifies its Indian roots which have always been strong enough to give the world innovations which inspire. From building India’s first vertical fall arrest system on rigid rail to manufacturing India’s first Retractable Fall Arrest Block, all more than 40 years ago,

Our latest, patented innovations like Emergency Escape Device & Pole Climbers have won us a prestige that complements our legacy. Our state of the art fixed lifeline systems & rescue devices have been installed in Asia’s one of the largest Oil and Gas locations, Space Research Centres, Atomic Reactors & many more.

Sham Antoorkar

Founder of Inovatix & a Pioneer in Fall Protection Industry

Aditi Desai

Executive Director – Supply Chain

Avneet Antoorkar

Executive Director – Business Development & Finance

Inovatix Statement

From The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to the president of our great country. From great brands to validation bodies , We are recognised,We are appreciated.


To be amongst the top 10 manufacturers of Fall Protection Systems globally.


A world in which each & every worker is safe to work at heights.


Authentic. Innovation. Integrity. Trust.

Innovation, Appreciated.

From The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to the Leader of our great country. From great brands to validation bodies…We are recognised,We are appreciated.

Our Operations

We have so far produced & installed over 1 lac metres of fall arrest systems, enabling almost 500,000 workers using them and keeping safe. With around 33,000 sq ft. of production area and more than 100 Employees from various parts of the world, we are proud to call us a young team with a combination of innovation + optimized work strategy.

Our Products

Wide Range of Fall Protection Equipments for various Work at Height applications.

  • Safety Harness
  • Retractable Fall Arrest Block
  • Vertical Fall Arrest System
  • Confined Space Equipment – Tripod
  • Anchorages
  • Fall Arrest System – Over the Roof

An Open Letter To All Work Heroes

Work is not just Work.Work is a reflection of Who We Are.
it’s how we are seen and what we want to be known for. it’s our expression. an honest day’s work is one that we can say with pride, one that is dependable, respectful, hard-working.

we are relied on for our expert skills. We Understand and value the precious lives. acknowledge those who work just as hard. from one work hero, to another. inovatix.

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