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INDIAN INOVATIX LTD. ( INOVATIX) developed its first product “Guardall” for the safety of its own workmen when they were required to climb the 100 Mt. tall microwave tower at “Pij” . Gujarat, for Department of Space under the ” SITE” Programme of Late Dr.V. Sarabhai, which dawned the Satellite era in india, for education of rural masses.

Subsequently, “Guardall” was perfected and was installed on Reactor V – Project Dhruva, the first indigenous atomic reactor. This job was secured against global competition for BARC.

During all such jobs on height, INOVATIX realised that there are different situations and actions which are encountered by the workman which make him vulnerable to accidental falls.

INOVATIX then developed unique fall protection systems which are designed to take care of different hazardous situations and actions at height. Further, the fall protection systems limit the free fall to a few centimeters or limits the average force on the body to 3G.

INDIAN INOVATIX LTD. also recognises the need to rescue the workmen from height. Consequently, equipment with controlled descent feature which lowers the workman to a safe place was developed.

INOVATIX believes that fall protection equipment should operate reliably and predictablly, which is automatic as opposed to manual operation, since accidents or emergencies are unexpected.

INOVATIX has done the pioneering work in the field of design, development, installation of fall protection safety devices, rescue equipment and emergency escape device.

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