Skyderman – Zipline with Chair & Wings

How much space does Skyderman need?

The minimum height to derive pleasure and excitement of gliding down is about 30 feet upwards and accordingly run of the simulated glider/parachute should be about 60 to 100 feet or more to suite the site conditions and anticipated

Who can use the ‘Skyderman’?

Virtually any one can use Skyderman from young to old. This is the beauty of ‘Skyderman’ that it demands no previous experience, it is soft on the pocket and you can enjoy this with minimum time investment.

How does the typical facility of Skyderman look?

The Skyderman enhances the atmosphere of any place and is a sure crowd puller.

It comprises of a small tower on a hill or a tower on a flat ground to create height. The tower or hill has embarkation place. There are guide ropes from the top to bottom to guide the glider or parachute.

Where can I see ‘Skyderman’?

You can see this in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India at One Tree Hill Garden just facing the famous Kankaria Lake.

  • First ever simulated Parasail/Glider.
  • Enhances the ambience of your park.
  • Most economical ride over for the participant.
  • Absoultely safe and can be enjoyed by both young & old.
  • Minimum waiting time gives you ability to serve high number of visitors.
  • A sure crowd puller.
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