Fall Arrest System : Over the Head (Open to Sky)

Horizontal Fall Arrest System Over The Head (open to sky) is specially developed for providing
safety while working in areas where there is no pre-existing structure.

Name of ComponentMaterial of Construction
Wire RopeSS3168mm Dia
Cable ExtremityGISS316
Shock AbsorberSS316
Extremity PlateSS316
Intermediate BracketSS316
Detachable TrolleySS316
RetroguardFall Arrest BlockIn Various lengths


  • Truck loading/unloading
  • Truck Tarpauline work
  • Train Gantry

Aspects & Advantages

  • Complete SS316 system
  • Continuous movement with complete fall protection over long Span.
  • Shock Absorber to reduce jerk load on user & Structure
  • Atex approved for use in Potentially Explosive Areas.
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