Vertical Fall Arrest System on Rigid Rail – Guardall I

Vertical Fall Arrest System On Rigid Rail - Guardall -I is Specially Developed
For Providing Safety While Ascending And Descending Ladders.

Name of ComponentMaterial of Construction
Rigid RailAlu/GI/SS
Ladder ClampsGI/SS/Alu
Joint PieceGI/SS/Alu
Lock sleeveBrass
Rigid Rail Guide clannelGI/SS/Alu


  • Ladders
  • Wind Mills
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Telecommunication towers
  • FM towers
  • Television transmission Towers

Aspects & Advantages

  • 100% Positive locking
  • Continuous movement with complete fall protection
  • Corrosion free anodized Aluminum rail / GI Rails/SS
  • Notches at regular intervals for fool proof locking
  • Virtually no maintenance
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