Guardwell–Counterweight Fall Prevention Device

Guardwell – Counterweight device helps reduces worker fatigue while climbing tall ladder and should the fall occur the worker comes down at slow constant rate without manual operation. Fall can also be arrested.

Name of ComponentMaterial of Construction
Centrifugal BrakeLimits the speed
Counterweight type Skylock unitControls the fall of the Topman & provides lift while climbing
Brake RestrainerEnables unwanted brake application when life line is being pulled
Safety HarnessFor the safety of the Topman while climbing the ladder
Lifeline Pulling MechanismFor use of 2nd worker
Extension DavitFacilitates mounting Centrifugal brake on a mast thus giving freedom to workman
Wire RopeTrack rope – 12 mm haulage rope – 6 mm
Portable AnchorsProvides freedom in installation as per space available at site.


  • The system consists of a track rope on which the counter weight sliding mechanism travels along with an inbuilt automatic brake.
  • In case the worker accidentally slips while climbing the tall structure, he gently comes down due to the automatic brake and the additional lever brake which puts a control on the falling worker.
  • Temporary Installations


  • The device is installed on any tall object such as tower, vertical column, rig, tank, communication tower.
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