Guardwell Fall Prevention Device

Guardwell Fall Prevention Device

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  • The device is installed on any tall object such as: Tower, vertical column, rig, tank, communication tower.

Counterweight Climb Assist & Fall Prevention System

  • The system consists of a track rope on which the counter weight sliding mechanism travels along with an inbuilt automatic brake.
  • In case the worker accidentally slips while climbing the tall structure, he gently comes down due to the automatic brake and the additional lever brake which puts a control on the falling worker.
  • Centrifugal Brake - Limits the speed
  • Counterweight type skylock unit - Controls the fall of the Topman & provides lift while climbing.
  • Brake Restrainer - Enables unwanted brake application when life line is being pulled.
  • Safety Harness - For the safety of the Topman while climbing the ladder.
  • Lifeline Puling Mechanism - For use of 2nd worker.
  • Extension Davit - Facilitates mounting Centrifugal brake on a mast thus giving freedom to workman.
  • Wire Rope - Track rope :– 12 mm; haulage rope :– 6 mm.
  • Portable Anchors - Provides freedom in installation as per space available at site.

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